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• New, ground -up buildings and facilities
• Land entitlements and Zoning approvals,
• Tenant Improvements,
• Façade Renovations
• Change of Occupancy


Industrial Project Architectural Services


The INDUSTRIAL PROJECTS are larger in scale, have a specific criteria, maintain a higher degree of visibility, and are more difficult to execute. These projects are so unique and important that your organization simply shall work with experience team of professionals to ensure the project success. RPP Architects had been a selected and certified Architect for Shell Oil Refineries, and continued with Chaplin, Texaco and Arco. We provided architectural services for at least one hundred telecommunication cell sites and towers, for cargo containers storage under Edison high voltage powerlines.

One of the most important phases of the industrial project is to approach and obtain the support of the municipality leaders. Without this component we would be not able to secure LAND ENTITLEMENTS for Alpert and Alpert Metal Recycling, Osterbauer Industries, and just recently for Jones Lumber Wholesale Riverside facility.

For each project we create a team of engineers and consultants to tackle the most complex and important project’s issues. Finally, we implement robust reporting and communication systems to ensure that all parties are aware of pertinent project changes.

Next time you are feeling the pressure to successfully deliver your most important project, remember you have a partner in RPP Architects.

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