Golgotha Trinity Baptist Church

Concept of Church, Illinois

In response to the needs of a vital congregation, with the 80 years long history, Bozena Jaworski of RPP Architects designed a new house of worship to be built on this same site as an existing church. The process of applying for a Conditional Use Permit was successful due to early collaboration between Architects, Planners, and local Church Building Council.
This project combines worship space with facilities needed for education and social functions of an established congregation. The 9,300 sq.ft. facility includes sanctuary, choir, vesting area, meditation/chapel room, community hall, administrative offices, classrooms, nursery room, and kitchen.
In order to meet the congregation’s limited, fixed construction budget, the architect and structural engineer worked closely with general contractor to develop strategy for constructing the entire building from wood structural elements.
Proposed scale of the church fits into the local residential neighborhood. Simple traditional forms are accented by tasteful massing of the front entry finial wall, which literally creates a pass between religious world and daily life. The white stucco facade is accented with a few bright and vibrant colors, nostalgic threads to the rich cultural tradition of the congregation.
RPP Architects assisted several congregations in additions, alterations and maintenance of sacred spaces.