Insurance Exchange Building

Major demands in the housing market have caused revitalization and adaptive reuse of historical landmarks-often vacant and underutilized buildings. The Insurance Exchange building conversion to a mixed-use building is a great example of that trend, with a restaurant in the basement, retail stores on the ground floor, residential lofts on upper floors, and a new penthouse on top.

Insurance Exchange Building - Front

Insurance Exchange Building – Front

The building was designed in 1924 by architect Harvey Lochridge in the Renaissance revival style, and has terra cotta cladding with an outstanding polychrome terra cotta ornamentation. Our developer and architect planned for preservation and restoration of the historical facades of this building, which is an integral part of the Long Beach downtown landscape. The critical fire and building code safety requirements were incorporated in the interior renovation of the structure. The exterior fire escape was relocated, windows replaced or renovated, terrazzo and marble steps were cleaned, and the interior exit stairs were enclosed.

Fiesta Maya Restaurant

Every detail of this beautiful restaurant is rooted in Mexican pre-Colombian culture. Inspired by Mayan Governor’s Palace in Yucatan, the architect, Sergio C. Estevez, made elaborate roofline work reminiscent of the heavy stone work in ancient Mayan architecture.

It’s not a literal copy of Mayan architecture, but a rather playful, whimsical version of it, which Californians love so much. The entire floor area does not exceed 5,000 Sq. Ft., yet it serves 52 people. In accordance with Mexican culture, the building is lively and vibrant, as well as entertaining.