Beach Villa on Bluff Place

This elegant, contemporary oceanfront villa is the result of artful, clever, and ingenious design that provides two functional dwellings. The Beach Villa is one of three custom homes that RPP Architects designed on Bluff Place in Long Beach, California.

Inspiration for the Beach Villa came from Mediterranean architecture, where light color stucco and generous tile work are paramount. However, large window openings allowing ocean and peninsula panoramic views are a modern and technologically advanced feature of this twenty-first century villa.

Even with very limited square footage and a structure housing two separate units, the sculptured form allows for decks and openings for direct exposure to the ocean breeze.

Beach Villa on Bluff Place - Plan

Beach Villa on Bluff Place – Plan

In this project, RPP Architects acted as the planning liaison, coordinated Coastal and Zoning permits, and processed the Building plans until a Building Permit was issued.

Ebel Auditorium to Loft Conversion

The Ebel Club Auditorium building conversion is an interesting example of innovative thinking in creating new residential possibilities. The developer and architect converted the historical landmark auditorium through spatial transformation of its volume and insertion of eleven residential lofts within the existing exterior.

The one and two-level loft sizes vary from 1,200 to 2,290 Sq. Ft. The existing envelope of an old auditorium building allowed for creating unique lofts with high ceilings on the first floor and two story units on the second level. Roof truss elements seem to perforate new wall divisions and appear in unusual places, rcreating a feeling of modern art.

Ebel Auditorium Lofts - Interior

Ebel Auditorium Lofts – Interior

The modern loft living spaces are reinforced by concrete floors and walls, 8′ high doors, and exposed duct and steel construction elements. The top units mezzanine provides access to a small secluded roof deck with a magnificent view of the Long Beach skyline view. One of the most serious problems the Architect had to resolve was the amount of lighting in the residential lofts, which was quite different from that needed in the dark auditorium. The eastern-facing façade is pierced with large windows, doors, and assembly openings, and enriched with far extending private balconies. The front historical façade and entry were preserved in original form. RPP Architects provided historical landmark designation assistance, land entitlements and timely processing of the building permits as well as construction support services.

Emerald Villas

RPP Architects proudly presents this 123-unit condominium subdivision that survived the test of time. Its elegant moderate architecture and skillful integration of buildings in the medium density environment provided housing for the many of young professionals working in downtown of Long Beach.

The complex is designed in the podium style with a subterranean garage, an array of two bedroom floor plans and unit sizes. It has been extremely popular between buyers because of its proximity to the beach and downtown.

Situated on a full city block, designed by RPP Architects over 20 years ago shows the Architect’s forward thinking in the selection of durable exterior materials and functional site planning.

The architect incorporated modern amenities, lush interior courtyard, rooftop sun deck, heated pool spa and gym allow the homeowners enjoy the resort like ambiance. Successful resale value has proven its lasting design value.


The corner of Anaheim and Roswell is a perfect example of an urban and high population density area of Long Beach. In this context, the designer wanted to make a statement as to what constitutes a living in a modern city, a place of happening, speed, ideas, and mobility.

The main goal of the design is to create a unique, interesting, and memorable architectural expression. The shapes, pop-outs, recessions, generous balconies, angles of walls, and roof lines bring vibration and break the horizontal massing of the building. The materials are contemporary, with smooth stucco and metal siding. Modern aesthetics and design is applied to the stucco walls with a line of screeds. The contemporary accent colors are fit for the urban feeling of street mixed with the Southern Californian sunny climate.

Anaheim and Roswell - Rear

Anaheim and Roswell – Rear

On the exterior perimeter of the building draught resistant plants contrast with the lush, green, interior courtyard, which creates the feeling of oasis and rest place in a busy and vibrant city.