Hill Street Ocean View Residence

This residence is RPP Architects’ best example of how our custom home design is focused on reflecting the needs and personality of the client.

The designer committed to create a house design integrated with the hillside, minimizing view impact to the surrounding residents and capturing dramatic ocean views at the same time.

The curved stucco walls provide a feeling of continuity that links the different areas of the home. Wavy decks wrap around cylindrical shapes of structure, capturing 180 degrees of ocean view. Railing spruced with mosaic and curvy shapes glass reinforces the flow of the forms in an organic manner.

Hill Street Ocean View Construction

Hill Street Ocean View Construction

The rooms, which capture views and natural light, are covered with numerous fixed and operable glass windows. The residence is approximately 4,500 Sq. Ft., with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, an office, and a 3 car garage.


The corner of Anaheim and Roswell is a perfect example of an urban and high population density area of Long Beach. In this context, the designer wanted to make a statement as to what constitutes a living in a modern city, a place of happening, speed, ideas, and mobility.

The main goal of the design is to create a unique, interesting, and memorable architectural expression. The shapes, pop-outs, recessions, generous balconies, angles of walls, and roof lines bring vibration and break the horizontal massing of the building. The materials are contemporary, with smooth stucco and metal siding. Modern aesthetics and design is applied to the stucco walls with a line of screeds. The contemporary accent colors are fit for the urban feeling of street mixed with the Southern Californian sunny climate.

Anaheim and Roswell - Rear

Anaheim and Roswell – Rear

On the exterior perimeter of the building draught resistant plants contrast with the lush, green, interior courtyard, which creates the feeling of oasis and rest place in a busy and vibrant city.

Feinberg’s Warehouse

This project involved the architectural design of three warehouses for an industrial developer.

New construction of 5,000 square feet each, CMU buildings for use as an office and warehouse space in Signal Hill. The project required substantial site work planning and engineering to access utilities. The three small warehouses are samples of inventiveness in the field of industrial design.

The geometrical form was directed by the function of warehousing, the amount of cubical feet that the facility requires, and low construction cost for this type of occupancy.

RPP Architects proposed an unusual entry facade adding attractiveness to this functional building. To differentiate from other local warehouses, the designers introduced a wavy roof top and strong diagonal breaks between materials in front elevation.

Four major materials used in the front facade design were CMU, stucco, metal elements of doors and canopy, and glass openings. The most important part in the creative process were relationships of shapes, forms, sizes, and colors of those elements.

The use of white stucco breaks up the massive 30′ high CMU wall. A split line in the middle points to two functions the facility carries: on the left, warehousing with truck access doors inserted in the CMU; on the right, human operations with offices and an entry store front door insert in the smooth stucco.

The developer claims success of buildings design not only on “curb appeal,” but also on sustainable building elements, large skylights for day lighting, and a permeable driveway.